Mono Gen 3 RTR

Mono Gen 3 RTR
Code: MonoGen3
Price: $2,350.00
Shipping Weight: 26.00 pounds
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Insane Generation 3 Mono Features a clamshell deck designed to create no lift vs the shoebox lip. A wider cockpit which allows a 90 degree header pipe to fit. A lower rear transom was created to let the pipe sit lower in the hull. *Cowl and drivers not included...add them by selecting options below. Comes in all White. Colors Extra. Choose Color and Options below. *Please chose colors correctly...this info is very important. You MUST first select if you want "All white" or "Single Color" or "Dual Color" in the first box. THEN make sure to select to appropriate colors in the 2 boxes below. -if you select single color option, make sure the "Bottom Color" and "Top Color" are the same. -if you select dual color, make sure you select the correct "Bottom Color" and "Top Color". Available Options:
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