Insane F1 Tunnel

by adminsane on April 8, 2013

Two years in the making and it’s here


Insane F1 Tunnel


49” Outboard Hull available in two options:
The yellow and black boat is the Champ Boat Cowl Style and
The white boat is the Old School Seabolt Style

We are very excited about the newly designed lower unit where cables last between 400-500 laps without issue.   The newly designed cowl for the lower unit gives it an EFI 2 stroke a bad ass motor look.  The boats are running a 29.5 stock motor with a 1048 carburetor and tune pipe and reaching speeds between 57-60mph.   The best results we’ve tested is a 6717 395 low lift prop from Brent Daily at Prop Works West.  His contact info is on our links page. 


Closeup Pictures of the Insane Outboard Lower Unit

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